Walter the Hypochondriac Apothecary’s House

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Each of my illustrations are based on an eccentric character that I create. Each of the characters have a personality analysis which I’ll include below:

Name: Walter Herbert
D.O.B: 20/11/1942
Gender: Male
Reason for referral: To clarify unclear diagnosis.

Clinical Interview
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – III (WAIS-III)
Bender-Gestalt Test
Rorschach Inkblot Method
Lifestyle Inventory

Background Information:
Walter had a very typical upbringing of his age; a simple life before the world of technology had evolved. He lived an idyllic life and often enjoyed walks with his parents in the woodland foraging for wild herbs and foods. Walter wasn’t the most proficient in social situations, and found it particularly difficult to figure out the basics of human behaviour. The more he cultivated and collected plants, the more he grew to understand them. His social skills slowly improved over time, but never quite as quickly as his knowledge of plants. Walter began to realise how many plants had remedial properties, and began researching. He created concoctions of various cuttings and recorded his body’s response. After many decades of ‘research’, he increasingly enjoyed his experiments, and he claims that his body had become very ‘sensitive’ to outside influences. Now, as little as a breeze tickling his ear is enough to send him into a spiral of paranoia that he is fatally unwell. Luckily, he carries his perhaps ironically named ‘pocket apothecary’; a trunk consisting of many bottles of ointments and tinctures which he can use in a jiffy to create something to cure him of his many, many ills.

He has the current occupation of a self-employed Apothecary, working from a workshop above his commercial property.

References from his previous therapists state that they found him to be very opposing of their ideas of medicating his hypochondria. An obsession with self-medication may prevent him realising his severe disillusionment problem. No successful treatment has been completed. No artificial substance abuse, but excessive amounts of herbal substance abuse.

Behavioural Observations:

During testing, his mental status appears stable but his body language is defensive and he is disinterested in suggestions. Old-fashioned eccentric but shabby dress sense. No attempt at cooperation with the therapist.

Based on Mr Herbert’s behaviour and his lack of effort and cooperation, test results are likely to be inconclusive in relation to his functioning at this time.

Cognitive Functioning:

Mr. Herbert’s performance on the WAIS-III places him within the average range of intellectual functioning. His full scale IQ of 115 is within the average range. Verbal comprehension score was at the higher end of average, as were the verbal communication skills.

His strength in information processing and arranging is possibly prioritised over his skills needed for daily verbal communication. His speed of thought is superior to the methods with which he aims to communicate. His job means that verbal communication is often practiced and improved.

Social-emotional Functioning:

Clear forms of paranoia, anxiety and hypochondria are present, manifesting in obsessive self-medication.

Summary: Average overall intelligence with a focused application towards the understanding of plants. Poses no threat to other humans because his knowledge of natural medicine is superb and acute, though he may not be an example of his skill due to being his own test subject. Daily social interactions will ever improve his communication skills. Strengths lie in creativity, mental strength, problem solving and intelligence; weaknesses fall within his irrationality and stubbornness, though these aren’t entirely his fault.


An unclear analysis of Mr Herbert, without any form of hope to analyse after further tests. No recommendations for further treatments of tests, as he will not comply with testing methods. No plans for psychological interventions as there would be no motivation on his part due to a lack of self-awareness.


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