Rupert’s Tea Emporium

Category: Illustration

Name: Rupert Clarke
D.O.B: 15/09/1976
Gender: Male
Reason for referral: to clarify unclear diagnosis.

Procedures: Clinical Interview.

Background Information: Rupert was born into an upper-class quintessentially British family, where he was dearly loved but had a somewhat sheltered upbringing. He was mostly raised by his grandmother as his parents were often away on business. On the days that he felt a little low his grandmother would tell him that a good cup of tea could solve anything. A good brew and a few biscuits later, he would always have a smile on his face. The idea of a medicinal cup of tea was something that Rupert would revisit throughout his life. Rupert excelled in education, and landed himself a high-end job at a law firm in London as soon as he left University. He spent a few years at the firm before realising that his job often bought a lot of sadness, both to him and his clients, so he decided that he needed a change of pace. He packed his bags and started to travel the world, often finding himself in teahouses and cafes. In one particularly cosy cafe in Denmark he met a kind French lady called Emmeline, who is now his wife. They chatted for hours over a pot of Earl Grey, Emmy’s favourite, and spoke about their future plans of travel. For a while they travelled together, before realising that their favourite moments were those frequenting the little cafes and chatting about all they’d seen together. Their focus shifted, and they dreamt of bringing this cosy feeling to more people. They returned to London together, where they began their Tea Emporium. Here they hope to bring smiles and conversation to the busy streets of London, bringing with them the tea cultures that they experienced around the world.

Behavioural Observations: Appearance is very smart and chic with the odd hint of something a bit more worldly – a bright scarf of sari silk or a woven belt. He looks very comfortable and calm, and welcomes questions with a warm smile. Based on Rupert’s behaviour and his apparent effort and cooperation, test results are likely to be an accurate assessment of his typical functioning.

Cognitive Functioning: Rupert’s performance on the WAS-III places him within the superior range of intellectual functioning. His Full Scale IQ is 145. He exceeded in every test, especially in arithmetic. He has a very active mind, for which he thanks his love of reading.

Social-emotional Functioning: He is sensitive, empathetic and philosophically minded. He is functioning well and happily, seeming very calm and content. He is mentally strong, but gentle and compassionate when speaking of others.

Summary: Starting with a modest cup of tea, it seems his ideal of a sanctuary has become a reality – building a wellness centre in a city. He is perfectly suited to bringing others into his peaceful environment, welcoming positivity and dealing with negativity calmly. All in all, a well-functioning man that makes a ruddy good cuppa.

Recommendations: no further treatment necessary.

Posted on June 20, 2017 | Illustration