Howard and his Travelling Home

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Each of my illustrations are based on an eccentric character that I create. Each of the characters have a personality analysis which I’ll include below:

Each of my illustrations are based on an eccentric character that I create. Each of the characters have a personality analysis which I’ll include below:

Name: Howard Maloney
D.O.B: 14/11/1952
Gender: Male
Reason for referral: To clarify unclear diagnosis.

Background Information:

Howard grew up on the remote islands of the Outer Hebrides, on Stornaway Island. He had a very large family with 7 siblings, and it was financially impossible for his family to travel. His parents had resigned themselves to the idea of staying on Stornaway, but Howard always dreamed of travel. From the age of twelve he had worked outside, helping any land-owner that would pay him a small wage to help maintain their lands. He gave enough of his earnings to his family to keep them afloat, and then saved the rest. On his 17th birthday he used these savings to buy his Great Uncle’s campervan, and worked on it to make it roadworthy. This labour of love was all with the intent of driving it over to Scotland and around the UK. However, when Howard started travelling, he never stopped. Now, he has travelled to every country in the world, and he is ready for his second lap. He has collected an item from every country, so he surrounds himself with memories. He met his wife in a small town in Holland, and her and their two children have accompanied him on their travels ever since.

Behavioural Observations:


His appearance is very eclectic, full of many colours and textures. He is always smiling, and seems very at peace. He is answering all questions fully, though often too fully, going off on tangents with fantastic stories about his travels.

Although this may be a long interview, I think that his in-depth answers will lead to an accurate assessment.

Cognitive Functioning:

Mr. Maloney’s intelligence level seems average, but he seems to have a lot of common sense, emotional intelligence and awareness. He refused to do the quantitative exams, as he felt that numbers aren’t a true reflection of a person. Instead I have evaluated him throughout our conversation. His strengths are his imaginative nature, creative way of thinking, thinking about the wider picture, lack of prejudice and inquisitive nature. The only possible weakness I have found is that he has no solid foundation or idea for a sustainable life when he stops travelling – but this will only be an issue if he ever stops.

Social-emotional Functioning:

Howard’s priority seems to be the welfare of his family. After living in a confined space with them for many years and experiencing many life-defining moments together they are a very close-knit family. He sees himself on a level with his children, which is very refreshing to see in a man of a more traditional upbringing. He is very easy to talk to, and has a very gracious manner of speaking. He often includes words and phrases of various languages, but I am not sure he’s fully aware that he’s doing so.


A man of many cultures, Howard seems to have taken the positives from every culture that he has experienced. They are a well-balanced family of which he is a loving father. My only concern is that he will struggle if he ever tries to reintegrate into society.


No further therapy, though he may need to reconsider therapy if he ever makes the decision to stop his nomadic lifestyle.


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