Graysen the Ethnomusicologist’s House

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Each of my illustrations are based on an eccentric character that I create. Each of the characters have a personality analysis which I’ll include below:

Name: Graysen Lowe
D.O.B: 30/06/1978
Gender: Male
Reason for referral: To clarify unclear diagnosis.

Background Information:

Graysen grew up a little bit of a loner, but always had friends in his musical instruments. He played several instruments from a young age, and found that he could make friends through playing music in a social environment. By the age of 10 he was playing in school bands and inviting friends over to jam. Slowly his confidence grew, as did his instrument collection. After finishing school he decided to travel and learn about instruments around the world. Everywhere he went he made friends through music. So, upon returning home, he decided to dedicate his life to bringing people together through music. He had discovered this universal language throughout his life, and wanted to use it to bring together people of all races, mind sets, and opinions, and learn through them and through music. He now fixes, collects and sells instruments, and tries to give personality to each piece to make sure that they are loved by their new homes. He spends a lot of time restoring instruments, hoping that he can return them to their former glory. He also likes to invent new ones, to bring in new sounds and combinations of sounds. He often hosts musical events in his home, hoping it can be a musical sanctuary for both instruments and musicians.

Behavioural Observations:


His appearance is smart but dishevelled. He looks happy and calm; he is constantly tapping his foot though I believe it is not to show impatience. He listens intently and has warm responses, asking me questions in response. He appears to be very self-aware, so I think that the interview will lead to an accurate result.

Cognitive Functioning:

Graysen’s performance on the WAIS-III places him within the superior range of intellectual functioning. His IQ is 134. His verbal comprehension is very highly developed, and he uses interesting words and words of different languages with ease. He puts a lot of melody into his words and often hums and sings. His information processing level is very high. He visualises well, and has a highly developed imagination.

Social-emotional Functioning:

Graysen is a very calm person. He seems very meditative and at peace. He is empathetic and interested in finding out about other people, he exudes warmth. His strengths are kindness, empathy, logical and creative thinking, and compassion. His weaknesses are a lack of financial understanding and his idealistic thinking patterns often detach him from reality.

Summary: A very creative but logically thinking man with a great concern for the happiness of others. He thinks about the ‘bigger picture’ which is very kind but often impractical in terms of how it affects his own life. He lives for others as much as for himself, which would take its toll if it wasn’t for his meditative nature. Graysen is very well balanced and if he upkeeps his routine of self-care in music he will remain a great help and inspiration to visitors.


No further treatment necessary.


Posted on November 3, 2015 | Illustration