Flora’s Treehouse

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Name: Flora (was Constance Bancroft)
D.O.B: 29/08/1987
Gender: Female
Reason for referral: To clarify unclear diagnosis.

Clinical Interview

Background Information:

Flora, born Constance Bancroft, a single child of a mother and step-father concerned solely with wealth and status. She lived a very sheltered upbringing; her mother concerned with climbing the social hierarchy whilst her step-father was a stoke-broker. Flora’s mother and father divorced when she was very young, after her mother cheated on him with her now step-dad. Her father left to travel in order to find himself, leaving his job as a museum curating plant-life hoping to find some of those species that were missing from the museum’s collection. Flora’s father would send her letters and postcards, giving her wanderlust, but it was too dangerous for her to go. On her 18th birthday she received a parcel from her father, the stamp displaying that it had originated in Mongolia. It was a ‘Blossom of Hope’, a rare white flower that grows through the toughest of conditions to bloom. He said it reminded him of her, adding a note saying ‘ad astra per aspera’ – meaning ‘to the stars through difficulty’. Flora put a flower from the blossom into a locket, and vowed to wear it at all times. Inspired, she got her bike from the huge garage full of expensive cars, and gathered a bag of basic items, and she cycled away to find a new home. She saw the moon rising and decided to settle where she was, amongst the trees. She renamed herself ‘Flora’, as a sign of a new life. And since this time, she has collected items and built herself a home, selling her local produce in order to fund home improvements. She studies plants, just like her father, and surrounds herself with them. She now live a self-sufficient lifestyle as a Botanist and a grower of organic produce including vegetables, eggs and honey. Her avoidance of the commercial and monetary lifestyle separates her from reality, though her methods of trading produce for objects for home improvement is undeniably creative. She went through several years of substance abuse as a teenager, but since leaving home likes to only use recreational drugs if they’re natural that she can forage for herself.

Behavioural Observations:

Appearance is very natural, all natural fibres of clothing and no form of grooming. Hair in dreadlocks to save using ‘chemically destroying’ products. Her behaviour is very calm, though she is rather spacey and dreamy. It takes her a while to answer questions, though I believe that is due to wanting to answer properly rather than a lack of intelligence. Speaks slowly and methodically, pronunciation is near perfect, and mood is good.

Based on Flora’s behaviour, and his apparent effort and cooperation, test results are likely to be an accurate assessment of her typical functioning.

Cognitive Functioning:

Flora refused to take part in any testing that would make her quantitively placed within a context of others, therefore we maintained the interview style for some light evaluations of intelligence.

Her verbal comprehension is very high, stemming from her Public Schooling and strict parenting, and the learning of Latin terminology for her Botanist Practice will have only helped this. Her Perceptual organisation is also very high, especially in object assembly questions. Her processing speed is high, though she likes to gather her thoughts before she communicates her ideas. She is a very intelligent woman with a highly developed sense of self and ethics, though her lack of social interaction will have affected her social and emotional functioning.

Social emotional Functioning:

Emotionally seems at a similar level to many teenagers due to a lack of social development from living in an isolated situation. Intelligence is very high, so can comprehend many complicated situations though unsure as to whether she is acting emotionally appropriately.

In terms of her lifestyle she is functioning well, though to be placed into society again may cause some emotional uproar due to so many years without it. Possible social anxiety would develop, though one-on-one social situations she seems reasonably comfortable with. Any anxiety she combats through steady breathing and meditative positioning and mindfulness.

Her mood is very calm, high degree of responsiveness. Strengths being self-sustainability, creativity, scientific intelligence, and mental strength, whereas weaknesses are lack of social interaction, emotional maturity and wanting to isolate herself from any form of relation with others.

Summary: Intelligent woman with low emotional maturity from isolating herself from society at an early age. Powerful thoughts about morals and ethics which manifest in her choice of lifestyle of self-sustainability and avoidance of money due to a monetary-based upbringing. Displays her intelligence in conversation, though often states interesting facts and opinions rather than create any form of emotional bond. A reasonably cold, but intelligent response to any questions asked. Great passion for the outdoors and wishes to immerse herself entirely within it to detach herself from materialism.

Recommendations: Any further treatment recommended would be rejected by Flora, due to her avoidance of any form of societal norms. If anything, she needs some emotional maturity help, perhaps through exposing herself to more situations by including herself in society. No immediate problem with lack of emotional maturity if she wishes to remain in the lifestyle she’s currently living, though if she were to submerse herself in any community she may suffer unwanted psychological effects.

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