Clementine the Yarn-Bomber’s House

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Name: Clementine Blake
D.O.B: 01/10/1910
Gender: Female
Reason for referral: To clarify unclear diagnosis.

Clinical Interview

Background Information:

Clementine, born of traditional parents, became a Suffragette as soon as she hit adulthood. Spurred on by the strictly controlled household she grew up in, she wanted to fight for women’s rights and became an avid member and supporter of the movement. After a few stints in jail, the time came where suffrage was extended to all women over 21 and Clementine continued on her life with fighting spirit in her heart. Many, many, many years have gone by, and still Clementine retains her fiery heart. On her 75th birthday, after living through two world wars and being recently widowed, she decided it was time to fight again. Sorting through her husband’s belongings she saw all the jumpers that she had knitted him over the years, and decided it was time to pick up her knitting needles yet again. Over the next twenty years Clementine won National and International Speed Knitting Championships, knocking out a full size model of her idol, Emmeline Pankhurst, in 35 minutes. Since then, Clementine has used her astounding skills for the greater good, knitting joyful creations and leaving them for passers-by to find. Standing against materialism, and noticing its steep incline, she also likes to wrap up rather posh items (including cars) in wool, to make them look ‘a bit more interesting’. She loves nature, and often knits trees jumpers. She states that she has many knitting years in her yet, and in this interview she’s already knitted me a suit.

Behavioural Observations:

Appearance is very…woolly. She looks very content, avidly knitting throughout conversation. The knitting doesn’t seem to interrupt our speech, as she is keeping eye contact throughout our chat. She is covering most items on my desks in little hats, which seems to amuse her.

She is answering questions fully, and carefully.

Based on Clemtine’s behaviour, and her apparent effort and cooperation, test results are likely to be an accurate assessment of her typical functioning.

Cognitive Functioning:

Mrs Blake’s performance on the WAIS-III places her within the superior range of intellectual functioning. Her Full Scale IQ of 128 is higher than that of 95% of individuals her age. She is very compos mentis.

Her verbal comprehension is very high, and her processing of information is especially high especially when conveying it into physical formats. Her perceptual organization is amongst the top percentile and she did well in the visualisation and reasoning. Her processing speed is very fast, possibly due to her constant rhythmic knitting at high speeds. Arithmetic and number sequencing were also areas in which she excelled.

Social emotional Functioning:

Emotionally Clementine seems very strong. After a long life of fighting she is rather tough, though it’s unclear how much this is a self-created projection.

In terms of her lifestyle she is functioning well, if unusually. Her choice of hobbies, whilst a little unexpected, poses little threat to society. She seems to be free of any anxiety, which is rare for her age.

Her mood is very calm, high degree of responsiveness. Her strengths are mental strength, a calm demeanour – perhaps through the therapy of knitting, mental sharpness and acuity, and a strong moral compass. Weaknesses are lack of consideration for other people’s property and a questionable  addiction to wool.

Summary: Very intelligent, strong woman with a very high consideration for the greater good of society. Stubborn in her ideals, but they are well guided so this isn’t an issue. She is creating an environment within which people question their ideals and lifestyles, though she may need to rethink how she treats other peoples’ property.

Recommendations: No further treatment necessary.

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